Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A nice writeup of my Defcon 20 Scapy/Ubertooth talk

There is a nice writeup of my Scapy/Ubertooth talk over at lavamonky.com. Ive gotten a lot of great feedback on the project and love hearing what others have to say about it. Here is a direct link to the article if you are interested.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Slides, libraries and tutorials from my Defcon and Blackhat talks on Scapy and Bluetooth Baseband.


Well, I had a great time presenting my talk at Blackhat and Defcon this year. I got some great feedback and met some awesome people. If you were not at the conference or want the most up to date versions of my content, here are links to everything...


Here is a link to the slides from my talks. These are more up to date then the ones on the conference media and are the ones I actually used for the presentations.


Here is the latest version of the scapy bluetooth baseband layer I wrote. This is the module you need in order to populate bluetooth baseband data into scapy via pcap files. I will be committing an updated version of this library into the scapy community repository in the near future. The version being committed to scapy community has a few more btbb utility functions and has the pcap stream class separated from the layer code. The stream class will be moved to a more appropriate location.


I wrote some in depth tutorials and demos for my talk. The first demo (pdf | ipython notebook) goes into great detail on how to use btbb pcap data in scapy. The second (pdf | ipython notebook) demo shows how to do some basic number crunching and basic plotting on scapy bluetooth baseband data. Both demos are in ipython notebook and pdf format. If you are unfamiliar with ipython notebook, keep an eye on my site as I am working on a few tutorials or just check out their main site.


The next major milestone for this project will be to clean up the code and commit it to the Scapy community repo. After this occurs, I will create a few more tutorials and demos and host them here at hackgnar.com. These tutorials will demo how to use my library as part of scapy community as opposed to the standalone module I presented at the conferences. I also have a rough implementation of a direct Scapy ubertooth interface. Once this is finished, it will be merged into the project. The best way to receive updates and news on my work is to follow me on twitter or keep an eye on this site.