Thursday, June 7, 2018

Learning Bluetooth Hackery with BLE CTF

Do you want to get into tinkering and hacking Bluetooth LE devices?  Up until now, doing so was very much a DIY process.  You would have to find relevant documentation or videos, and then find various BLE devices to test on.  In order to make this learning process easier, I created a Bleutooth LE CTF, named BLECTF, which aims to teach the fundamentals of BLE connections, interactions, and hacking.

At its core, the CTF focuses on teaching BLE GATT service connection fundamentals.  The CTF runs a BLE GATT server on an ESP32 device with 20 flag based challenges.  Each challenge focuses on teaching different BLE functionality you would typically see in the wild.  Adventurous individuals who complete all 20 flags will obtain the skills needed to start exploring all things BLE in the world!