Wednesday, January 1, 2014

My 2013 DEFCON 21 Video and Audio on the Bluetooth Database project are now avalable

At DEFCON 21 I gave a talk about tracking bluetooth devices on a large scale.  The videos from this presentation are now available here.

During the presentation I released an IOS tool which sideloaded bluetooth functionality to allow an iphone to track other bluetooth devices.  The tool then sent the data to a web service for storage & analysis.  The code used to create the IOS sensor node and the corresponding server code can be found here.

The data gathered from this project showed:

  • Tracking of bluetooth devices over time via geolocation
  • The percentage of stationary to moving devices in a large sample set
  • What were the most popular deployed devices at the time (vendor, os, device type, etc)
  • Provided a mechanism for statistically deriving NAP addresses when doing passive monitoring

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